Film Room – 2020 Week 7

I started recording videos of my big dumb face talking about football plays. This past week I recorded three videos on different passing concepts, so I wanted a place to gather all of them together.

For Cheesehead TV, I talked about how pre-snap motion on an inside-zone play helped the Packers set-up a block on a screen play in a big moment.

For Game On Wisconsin, I showed an incomplete follow-slant concept to Davante Adams in Week 1, and the variation that led to a touchdown in Week 7.

And for Pack-A-Day, I looked at Jace Sternberger’s first regular season touchdown. A really fun concept in the compressed confines of the low red zone.

But wait! There’s one more! On The Pat McAfee show this past week, Rodgers talked about what he was seeing on the 45 yard touchdown throw to Davante Adams. I took portions of that audio and put it under the video of the play

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